Do you want to reserve a rental tank(s), or potable water for the 2024 Burning Man event❓Click the “Reserve Now” button here 👉👉👉

MECO requires a 5 RV minimum in order to make a reservation. All must be within the same location. Anything less than 5 RV’s will be a flag down service.

If you decide to have MECO fill or top off your RV’s with potable water, MECO will set up a date with you to deliver your potable water and get your playa address. Please have cash at the time of delivery.

MECO potable water trucks have digital meters to measure the water that goes into your RV.

A message from MECO to all our valued customers

MECO, like all other Americans, has endured increased pricing for products. One of these products is “BULK Potable Water”. Due to a more than “DOUBLING” of the price of bulk potable water, which actually occurred more than a year ago by our supplier, the prices for this year reflect these changes.

It is our mission at MECO to supply our valued customers with the best products at fair, market-value pricing which is mindfully reflected in our current fees. We thank you for your patronage and look forward to serving you with your potable water needs now and in the future! See you on the playa!

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