Burning Man 2024 Water Order Form

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Due to extreme demand, the 1000 gallon tanks have been sold out. When ordering 1000 gallons below, MECO will deliver 2 500 Gallon tanks instead of a 1000 gallon tank.

Please select what water reservation you would like to make
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Please remember to bring your own pump for your tank rental.

Pumps can be found on Amazon like these:
Small Pump or Larger pump with pressure tank
View the “Pump Tips” video here, which includes installation of both.

Do you require Additional Services?
Additional Services would be for items like: Multiple Tanks, Top Offs (Bulk/Private/RV), Please calculate the amount per gallon for your service type and enter it in your “$ Amount”.
For 2024 Sectors 2:00 – 6:30 Select: 8/15, 8/17, 8/19, 8/21, 8/23, 8/25, 8/27, 8/29, 8/31, 9/2, 9/4 or 9/6 — For 2024 Sectors 6:30+ – 10:00 Select: 8/16, 8/18, 8/20, 8/22, 8/24, 8/26, 8/28, 8/30, 9/1, 9/3, 9/5 or 9/7
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If you are on the Playa and have no phone service or email during the Burning Man event, MECO will have an office trailer set up at The Wet Spot. Come see us there.

If you need further communication about your reservation/order. You can email us at: